5 ways to increase productivity

How to increase productivity


Productivity means the state of being productive, the amount of quality work you put in and it’s out come… Basically being productive means the rate in which you give an output the keyword when describing productivity is “efficiency” when the number of output is equal or more than the number of input. While this may feel like a lot of economics jargon, I consider it a universal language and it applies to all areas of life.

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Let’s just say I did not start out this year running and winning points, it’s still taking me a while to get everything in focus ( and I know that’s okay) However, I have taken steps to improve myself for myself and my future clients and what better time to start than now… over the weeks that I thought of and started this routine i have seen a recommendable amount of improvement, Hence me recommending it to you

DISCLAIMER: I am not a productivity guru, I am just an average individual and this tips are gotten from my trial and errors and I hope it helps you too


  • Sleep on time:  Having a good night rest is essential to starting your day right, on many occasions sleeping late has disrupted my plans for the day. Ever heard of the “early bird gets the juicy worm”. Even if you get up early after sleeping late, you’d be a grouchy bird(lol). Our bodies needs 8-10hours of proper uninterrupted sleep to give the brain time to refresh itself so why play with that… I believe the harder you work the more you should value your sleep time.



  • Reduce Multitasking:   Some Indiviuals especially women tend to pride themselves on the power of multi tasking and yes it might be tempting to take care of a few tasks at once, who wouldn’t want to kill two birds with one stone. I have seen my mother try to do thorough cleaning for the whole house at once instead of section by section and at the end of the the day leave everything half way done and guess who would end up completing it? It is preferable to complete one task than starting twenty and leaving  them half done.



  • Take a break: Yes I know we love taking breaks and this point is probably giving you tiny joy because you deserve you deserve a break… I myself have fallen into this break taking trap, well here’s the twist take a break when you know you deserve it. Don’t type two words and take a break, you can actually measure your break by the amount of work you’ve done or the amount of time you’ve work. So yea, take the break you deserve.



  • Find inspiration: One thing that actually boosts productivity for me is being inspired and I try to always surround myself with individuals that inspire me although once in a while I’d have to fight the beast of comparison, i always thrive to seek inspiration in everything.



  •   Set Goals:  At the end of the day productivity  involves checking goals of the list, so you’d have to ask yourself what goals are you setting and why are you setting those goals knowing “ The Whats & Whys” will help you improve your productivity routine.



Bonus tip: Try brainstorming and developing your own routine it will work better.




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